HP Social Content

Here's a small portion of the always-on social content I helped create for HP's online presence. This included the brand's global Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. With next to zero budget, it was an interesting challenge to create work with which our millennial target would engage. But we continually set metric records for the brand with every post. Each cycle of weekly content was concepted, pitched, and executed within the span of a few days by our scrappy team.


"Hack the UI"

To break through the noise of one's Instagram feed for a new printer announcement, we created a post that breaks the Instagram UI. To do this, we created a single post mimicking two separate ones. As you scroll through your Instagram feed on your phone, the paper from the printer appears to jump the from one post into the next.


"Muybridge Cinemagraph"

The Pavilion x360 laptop has a screen that can flip all the way around. This gives you four modes of entertainment: laptop, tent mode, stand mode, and tablet mode. To play off this 360-degrees of entertainment messaging, we created this Muybridge-style cinemagraph of someone doing a 360 flip over and over and over.


"Finger Frames"

This new printer is also one of the smallest HP has ever made. To communicate it's tiny form factor, we used "finger frames" because they instantly make everything tiny. I squish your head!


"HP Transports You"

This ongoing series touts the value of a laptop with immersive entertainment features. We played off relevant and timely subjects like the Game of Thrones season finale and the 2016 Rio Olympics.

"Binge Watching"

Yeah, we all do it. NO REGRETS. To tout the binge-worthiness of this laptop, this ongoing series shows fun vignettes of binge watching situations like snacking on the world's largest tub of popcorn.

The HP Spectre Laptop - forever your entertainment masterpiece. #ReinventObsession

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Kick up your style 💯 #PerfectPurple / HP Pavilion x360 #HPx360

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Elegance, bathed in copper 🙌 / HP Spectre x360 #HPx360

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Hey @mmschocolate great things come in blue #Twinsies 😎 #HPStream

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Too hot to handle #🌶 #🔥 / HP Pavilion x2 #HPx2

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Spread the 💚 🍀 💚 this #StPaddysDay / HP Pavilion x360 #HPx360

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